Our values dictate our purpose and are ingrained in our business model. From CEO to office staff, all members of our team are expected to behave according to our code of conduct, which is informed by our agreed-upon values. We take pride in these core values and are proud to work with clients and candidates that share these guiding principles with us.


We lead with integrity and hold everyone on our team accountable to clearly defined guidelines on how to engage with our clients, candidates, team, and partners. Integrity requires transparency and we do not shy away from telling the truth because that is the right thing to do.


You can count on us to deliver what we promise. We believe that actions speak louder than words and that’s why our clients commend our on-time delivery. We have decades of experience demonstrating our commitment to our clients, employees, and community.


 We hold our team to the highest standards to ensure that we are providing superior service to both new and long-standing partners. Our feedback mechanisms and customer-centric mindset allow us to continually gage our client’s and candidate’s satisfaction and improve our service.  


We value the diversity of our team members and strive to create a more equitable workplace where all individuals feel supported and empowered. As a minority, women-owned business, we are committed to providing access to economic opportunities for marginalized populations.


Sedna is driven by the belief that recruiting and staffing is about more than just jobs; it’s about workforce development, access to opportunity, and economic mobility for all people. We believe that businesses have a moral responsibility to act and to move beyond traditional corporate social responsibility mindset. We are committed to building and strengthening public-private partnerships to generate sustainable social solutions within our industry.



We are always looking for talented, passionate, and driven individuals to join our team. Our hiring needs are constantly evolving so we would love to hear from you. Reach out to us with your interested position and w ould love to find a role for you on our team!