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Sedna Case Studies: Virginia Premier

Updated: Jan 30

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At Sedna Consulting Group, we possess expertise in tackling intricate technology challenges, assisting organizations and government entities in maximizing their substantial technology investments. In our case study, we show how our skilled associates were able to enhance the organic search visibility for, a Medicare/Medicaid Portal for the State of Virginia. With Sedna’s help, VA Premier saw a large increase in organic search traffic from Google and Bing, while saving on the cost of advertising.

The Challenge: Low Search Visibility, High Costs and Marketing Efforts

The main obstacle that was encountering was low visibility in search, resulting in spending more on paid ads and direct-to-consumer marketing efforts. By instead focusing on an organic search strategy, the site was able to save a tremendous amount in paid search spending by driving organic, or "free", in-bound clicks from search engines like Google and Bing. This organic search traffic is more likely to be engaged users who wish to find answers to their questions about Medicare and Medicaid by visiting the website.

The Solution: Organic Search Optimization & User Interface Update had suffered from poor search visibility and was in need of an update to the user interface to make the site easier to use and navigate. By optimizing their key pages and adding a dedicated section for “Helpful Articles”, users could find the site much easier in Google and Bing searches. Adding the page with relevant articles helped with site visibility through a boost to its search engine optimization (SEO). The increased visibility saved them a large sum of money that would have been used on paid search listings.

The Impact: Increased Visibility & Inbound Organic Clicks

Sedna’s work with resulted in increased search visibility and boosted inbound clicks which now take users to the correct pages. Through careful on-page optimization and strategic inclusion of keyword hooks in the web content and navigation, users could effortlessly access important Medicare and Medicaid portal information through a quick search. Whether paying their bill or reviewing account claim status, they could now easily find the right page on their computer, tablet, or mobile devices.

This case study shows how important it is to prioritize organic search optimization in order to increase visibility and traffic for a website. Many users seek the important information that healthcare sites like contain, so it should be easy to find and navigate in order to find what they need.

To learn more and download our case study, visit our Success Stories page. You can also send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram if you wish to chat or if you are interested in learning what Sedna can do for you and your business.


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