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Staffing Trends 2023: Which Technologies are Right for You in 2023?

Updated: Jan 30

Worker at a staffing firm using a computer

The next staffing trend we will discuss in this series is “choosing the right technology.” Technology as a whole has been continuing to evolve year after year. Many different companies, big and small, utilize technology in some way for their business to make certain tasks easier and more efficient. Doing this makes the experience more enjoyable for customers and frees up time for other important aspects of the business, like building relationships with clients. This also provides a competitive advantage, especially if one business uses technology in a better, more valuable way than their competitors. There are many forms of technology that are becoming more widely used in terms of staffing and HR, and it is in a company’s best interest to stay ahead of these trends.

Types of Technology

There are many different types of technology tools and software available for recruiters to use to improve the hiring process. Choosing the right ones to use will make tasks more efficient and make for a better experience for candidates, clients, and recruiting and HR specialists. Here are a few of the best tech tools to use in 2023:

1. Candidate Feedback Platforms

The way a candidate feels when moving through the hiring process with an employer or external recruiter can greatly impact their decision to continue working with them. Utilizing tools like Trustcruit that can efficiently gather information on the experience of the candidate can be crucial in retaining them. These tools include surveys and other feedback platforms that gather candidate feedback during each step of the process.

2. Candidate Sourcing Software

Through digital tools, recruiters are able to search through many different profiles and databases to find the right individual for a job position. This is a much more efficient way to locate talented candidates before they are found by other companies. Even if the individual already had a position, they might even want to move on once they see a great open position.

3. Online Interviewing

During and after the pandemic, online video interviews have become more widely popular among businesses. Several new apps have even been created for the purpose of remote hiring, as it can prove to be a much easier process for both parties. It is simple to add more than one interviewer into the call, and convenient to schedule interviews through digital calendar programs like Google Calendar that show times available for each person. There are also one-sided interview options like Vidcruiter that allow candidates to record answers to questions at a time that they choose, and employers to review during their time as well.

4. Candidate Relationship Marketing Platforms

There are several platforms available that post job listings on relevant sites and then track views, clicks, and received applications. Some of these tools maintain relationships with possible candidates that a recruiter might want to contact again in the future, including Beamery and Gem.

Importance of Relationship Building

Prioritizing relationships with clients and candidates in the recruiting world is crucial. Adopting tools that allow for easier and more efficient processes will free up time for recruiters to build relationships and take on other tasks that require human interaction. Maintaining contact through messaging apps and social media sites like LinkedIn can take time, especially when there are many individuals to keep in touch with. Being able to put in the required efforts to engage with candidates, clients, and other employees is very important in business.

Competitive Advantage

Utilizing technology and tools that make processes easier and faster in staffing provides a great competitive advantage. Whether working with a staffing agency or an internal recruitment process, candidates appeal to efficiency when it comes to the hiring and onboarding processes. Companies that use tech tools and softwares to be able to streamline processes and run their businesses more smoothly are the ones that job seekers are going to move towards. Outperforming competitors in staffing is a great way to improve hiring efforts and increase retention, and that can be done using a variety of different platforms.

Technology is something that is constantly evolving and is never going away, so it is up to company leaders to decide the best ways to utilize it. New trends emerge each year, especially when it comes to staffing and HR. Staying up to date with the newest trends will help greatly in hiring and retention efforts. Making recruiting tasks easier through the right technology will make for a much more enjoyable experience for each individual involved.

Sedna Consulting Group is made up of experienced recruiters in tech, and are proud to make our processes as easy and efficient as possible for candidates and clients alike. We will help you find the best tech role that suits your skill set and work expectations - simply send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram or visit our contact page to get started with us!



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