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7 Myths About Recruiters: All Recruiters are the Same

Updated: Jan 30

Candidate working with recruiters, shaking hands

This week we will be discussing the final myth in our blog series “7 myths about recruiters.” The idea that “all recruiters are the same” is one that may turn away job seekers who have heard of bad experiences from friends or colleagues, or have had a bad experience themselves with a recruiting firm. It is not strange to be hesitant to work with another recruiter after having said experience, but we are going to explain that all recruiters have unique strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets. They are made up of different people, have different values, and even different strategies. Finding the recruiter that is the right fit for you can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your career.

Having a Bad Experience

Many of us are guilty of turning away from something after having one bad experience with it. It might seem easier to give up on using a recruiter altogether. Recruiters can be very different from person-to-person. Each firm is bound to be different from another, and taking the time to research and listen to the experiences other individuals have had with them could ultimately change one’s decision of not wanting to utilize a recruiter. There are many who will be able to recount their experiences with recruiters and how they were able to help them find a great job with a great company while keeping their best interests in mind.

Recruiter Values & Strategies

Recruiters, just like any company or organization, have their own values and strategies in the way they run their business. For example, our values at Sedna Consulting Group include integrity, dependability, service excellence, and creating a more equitable technology industry. Some companies specialize in certain niche industries, for example Sedna has built up a reputable practice in government healthcare information management systems. Doing research and being sure to work with a recruiter whose values align with yours will make the experience much better. There are many recruiters that also value building relationships with the candidates that they work with, instead of simply connecting them with their clients and moving on. Each recruiter is built differently than another, so it is important to figure out which one will provide the best outcome and experience for you.

The Right Recruiter

Recruiters are meant to find the right job for candidates, but job seekers have to be sure that they are working with the right recruiter for them. It might seem like they are all the same, especially if multiple are contacting a candidate for the same position. Companies may work with more than one recruiter to fill the same job, so it is important for the candidate to decide which one is better for them to work with. Being in touch with more than one recruiter as a job seeker would also expand the odds of finding a great job position. However, these individuals should make sure that these recruiters understand what they are looking for and set guidelines to make it clear about what they desire. Keeping good communication is also crucial when working with a recruiter, and if these expectations are lacking, it might be best to seek out another firm.

Like any other type of business, all recruiters are different from each other. Each runs their companies in different ways, valuing different ideas and comprising different minds. Recognizing these differences and researching possible recruiters a job seeker might want to work with is a very smart thing to do before doing so. There are many recruiting firms out there that provide great experiences to job seekers and assist them with the entire hiring process. Getting past the misconception of them all being the same or being stuck on one bad occurrence could make for a very memorable job searching experience.

At Sedna Consulting Group, we guarantee that we value each and every one of our candidates that we work with to find them the best job position. All of your expectations are taken into account when you decide to work with us, and we provide a unique, helpful experience for you as you begin your next career. Send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram or visit our contact page to connect with us and start this journey together.



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