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7 Myths About Recruiters; How You Can Use Recruiters to Help Your Career

Updated: Jan 30

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When it comes to job searching, you might be on the fence about whether or not contacting a recruiter is right for you. Hearing certain rumors about recruiting firms may have you thinking that it is not worth it, that perhaps it is a better choice to find a position on your own. However, if it is only certain myths that hold you back from making the call, taking the time to research and find out the truth will help you find that recruiters are a great help for job seekers. In our discussion below, we will debunk 7 myths about recruiting, and hopefully settle doubts and concerns about utilizing recruiters.

Myth 1: Recruiters are unnecessary because jobs are always posted online

While many companies post their available positions online, this is not always the case. Companies work with recruiters because of the efficiency it presents in finding qualifying talent for certain positions; this means that recruiters have access to jobs that are not available through online searching.

Myth 2: Recruiters are only needed for a certain level of job position

Recruiting firms are interested in working with candidates that are looking for any level of job, from entry-level to senior-level. Whether a candidate is beginning their journey and searching for an entry-level position or a company is looking for a specific set of skills for a managerial position, recruiters are available to help.

Myth 3: Keeping in touch with recruiters is only for active job seekers

Building a strong network is crucial when it comes to your career journey. Even if an individual is not searching for a job position, building relationships with recruiters will be a huge help in the future if they have to find a new job. Putting oneself in a recruiter’s network may also present useful information on job aspects such as interviews and resumes.

Myth 4: Recruiters don’t care about quality as long as they make a placement

When a recruiter has an opportunity to make a placement with a client, it is because that candidate has the right qualifications for the position. If a recruiter decides to connect a candidate with a position for the sake of making the placement, they may lose the client’s trust. Making these connections reflects on the recruiter’s performance, so they only hire those who are qualified for the available position.

Myth 5: Recruiters have a say in whether or not the candidate receives the job

A recruiter’s job is to connect qualified candidates with clients. While they play a large role in the hiring process through resume screening and interview preparation, they are only responsible for bridging the connection between parties. After the company’s hiring managers review the candidate, they make the final decision on whether or not to hire them.

Myth 6: The only thing a recruiter does is submit candidate resumes to their clients

Reiterating the importance of networking, a recruiting firm’s network extends wide. Being a part of this network is highly beneficial, and even if you do not fit the qualifications for a certain role, there is a great chance that the recruiter will be able to find someone in their network that requires your skill set. Recruiters also provide tips and information on each step of the hiring process and will back up their candidates with support as they are being reviewed by the client.

Myth 7: All recruiters are the same

One bad experience with a recruiter might have an individual thinking that they will have that experience with all of them, and that is not the case. Each recruiter is different, utilizing different strategies and values in their firms. It is important for the candidate to set their own guidelines with a recruiter that they are working with and be sure it is clear what they are searching for.

Why use a recruiter?

We have discussed great reasons to work with recruiters, including networking and gaining access to their helpful information on each step of the hiring process. Besides these, there are many other benefits of deciding to connect with a recruiting firm. The time it takes to send out your resume and job applications to different companies may take away time that is needed for other things like spending time with family. A recruiter will be able to save you this time by doing the work of job searching for you. They also take finding a position for you very seriously, as successfully landing a good placement is how they make a living. When working with a recruiter, you can be sure that they are doing their best to connect candidates with the perfect position for them, and clients with the perfect talent.

The myths that we have debunked in this discussion may not be the only ones heard regarding recruiters. However, it is important to do research and decide for oneself if they are indeed myths or facts. There are so many benefits to working with recruiters during a job search, ranging from time saving to networking to simply having their support. Finding a firm that possesses values that you also take into consideration is even better as you can be sure to be aligned on what is important each step of the way.

Here at Sedna, we value integrity, dependability, and inclusion, and you can be certain that our team will provide a great experience for you at each part of your career journey. If you are interested in connecting with us, send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram today.



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