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7 Myths About Recruiters: Recruiters are Unnecessary Because Jobs are Always Posted Online

Updated: Jan 30

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Last week, we discussed 7 myths about recruiters and the benefits of working with one. Starting this week, we will be delving into more detail about each of these myths, starting with the myth that recruiters are unnecessary because all jobs are posted online. Some job seekers believe that the available positions listed on company sites or other job sites are all that there is to choose from. As you have read in our previous blog, this is not necessarily true. There are many companies that have even decided against using public job postings altogether and have instead turned to their own and recruiters’ networks to fill open positions.

Recruiters vs. Public Job Postings

Online job boards have been popular and used widely by job seekers and employers for a long time. These sites seem like easy ways for candidates to upload their resumes and send applications to many different positions in a short period of time, hoping to get a response from the employers. However, these public postings might receive hundreds of applications at once, which the companies then have to go through, finding many that have outdated resumes or do not meet the qualifications for the role. The large number of applicants also presents more competition for job seekers. Instead of using public job boards, companies turn to recruiters to find them the most qualified candidates for their positions. Job seekers that decide to work with recruiters will also find that they will have more of a chance to find the best position for them.

How Companies Benefit

Companies that decide to deviate from solely posting their available positions publicly will find the many benefits from working with recruiters. According to CareerBuilder, hiring managers' primary reasons for working with staffing firms include the desire to shorten the hiring process (42 percent) and access to candidates with specialized skills (41 percent). When employers post open job positions on online job boards or their own websites, they are flooded with applications from many job seekers. When working with a recruiting firm, these resumes are sorted through in order to find the most qualified for the position before they are sent to the company, saving them the time of having to sort through themselves.

How Candidates Benefit

Many job seekers utilize online job boards when searching for a position, but miss out on the benefits of working with a recruiter instead. There are also those who believe that the myth is true, that employers post all of their available jobs online. When applying through an online site, candidates are competing with hundreds of others who also sent in their resumes. Even the most qualified candidate’s application might get lost in the mix and pushed to the side. There is also the case of postings being outdated but still available to view, only for the job seeker to find that the position was filled months ago. When working with a recruiter, job seekers receive guidance and advice throughout the entire process, from finding a position to preparing for the interview. Recruiters also take into account the values and expectations that the candidate looks for in a work environment in order to truly find the best fit for them. In addition, recruiting firms have access to jobs that are not posted online, so they may already be aware of positions that need to be filled by the best talent.

When debunking the many myths about recruiters, we in turn find the benefits of working with them. Many decide against recruiters with the belief that any jobs available will be posted online and shown to the public. In reality, recruiters have access to many jobs that are never posted publicly as companies turn to them to find the most qualified candidates for their roles. This saves time and avoids the struggle of sifting through applications for hiring managers, and takes away the struggle and competition that job seekers face on public job board sites. Finding and working with a recruiter is a great way to make job searching easier and land a position in the best environment for you.

We at Sedna Consulting Group are proud to work hand-in-hand with those interested in exploring and advancing their careers. We have earned a reputation as a trusted partner linking job seekers with meaningful positions. Sedna is a recruiting firm for tech roles across many industries, including government, healthcare, finance, and information technology. Send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram if you would like to work with our experienced team that will be with you every step of the way.



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