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7 Myths About Recruiters: The Only Thing a Recruiter Does is Submit Candidate Resumes to Clients

Updated: Jan 30

Person shaking hands with a recruiter, resume

As we continue our blog series on “7 myths about recruiters”, the myth we will be discussing this week is: “the only thing a recruiter does is submit candidate resumes to their clients.” This misconception may make job seekers believe that they have nothing to gain from working with a recruiter and simply try to find a job by themselves. However, between networking, a plethora of helpful information, and having internal support, these job seekers will find that connecting with a recruiter on their career journey is a very useful tool.

Extensive Network

Recruiters have a huge network available to them consisting of their colleagues, friends, and the many current and previous clients that they have had. When a job seeker connects with a recruiter, they are being put into their vast network. If one role turns out to not be a great fit for a candidate, there is a good chance that there is someone in the recruiter’s network that is looking for that candidate’s skill set. Recruiters will not give up on candidates; they will sift through their different connections to get the candidate’s resume to someone that can offer them a position that is right for them.

Valuable Knowledge

A recruiter is there to help candidates from the very beginning all the way through to their job offer. During this time, the recruiter will supply the candidate with helpful information and tips to guide them through each step of the process. This might include tips on building a resume or portfolio, cover letters, and other applicant documents. They also provide intel on what to expect during the interview process and make sure their candidates are prepared for certain interview questions. Recruiters typically know their clients well and will be able to know how they conduct their interviews, so having a coach for different interview techniques is very helpful. Following the interview, recruiters will also be able to provide feedback that will be valuable in the future.

Internal Advocate

As we have discussed in our previous blog, recruiters do not have any say when it comes to deciding if the candidate receives the job. However, that does not mean that they cannot give their support and back up the candidate if there is any pushback from the client. If you build a relationship with a recruiter and they believe in you and think that you are best suited in a role, they may be able to highly recommend you to the hiring manager and defend you if they are having doubts. It is a priceless thing to have an advocate during your job search, especially one with a lot of connections and extensive experience in their field. It is likely that companies trust the judgment of the recruiters that they work with and will take their recommendations seriously.

While the main thing that recruiters are known to do is connect candidates and companies, they do much more than that to help and prepare those candidates first. From building a good resume to interview coaching, recruiters are highly useful during a career journey. Once job seekers realize this idea is only a misconception, the decision to connect and work with a recruiter could prove to be a great one. Stay tuned for our blog next week as we discuss one final myth in this series.

At Sedna, we provide job seekers with a great experience that doesn’t just include finding the best job for you. We will guide you through your journey and be there to support you each step of the way. Send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram or visit our contact page to be connected with our experienced team of recruiters.



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