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Best Business Management Softwares for Company Use

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or the leader of a quickly growing company, within every organization there are often numerous activities and teams operating at once. Regardless of what stage a company is at in its development, communication between the leaders and employees is key to the continued success and cohesion of the team. When operating a large team, however, it can be easy to lose track of the details in the larger workflow of the company. This is less than ideal for everyone involved—the employees may feel like they aren’t on the same page as each other and the company leaders, and the leaders might feel that the company is out of their control.

This is where business management software and specially designed communication tools come in handy, especially for young companies still working to establish well-oiled internal systems. Business management systems provide companies with the necessary tools to plan and implement projects, execute procedures and strategies, and optimize overall workflow. They allow company owners to communicate not only with employees but also with customers and clients. Incorporating these softwares into the company activity streamline can drastically increase organization and productivity. Below are some of the most efficient and thorough business management softwares for companies to use.

o ProofHub

ProofHub comes equipped with all the features your business might need, including storing and sharing files, sharing feedback with coworkers, and streamlining general activities, tasks, and projects. It also provides Gantt charts for your team to mark and manage project schedules and timelines, dynamic reports on past projects for insights into productivity and teamwork, and time trackers that display the time spent on certain tasks. ProofHub is accessible by both iOS and Android users.

o NetSuite

NetSuite provides a platform shareable by the entire company to streamline back-office processes. Business intelligence is built into this software, so that you can use NetSuite features to gain overall visibility on your organization’s activities. NetSuite is designed to reduce IT costs and other operational inefficiencies, so that you have the bandwidth to instead put your focus on the important decisions that will continue growing your company and generating revenue.

o Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workspace provides all sorts of communication methods, including email, word processing, and other collaborative platforms. In addition to providing its own suite of business features, Zoho also allows you to connect many apps together so you can monitor the activity and progress of multiple teams in your company. Its design encourages collaboration between all the teams and branches in your company. It even offers you the opportunity to personalize your own workflow; you have options with which to customize your own platforms and tailor them to your organization’s and teams’ specific needs.

o Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is available for download as part of Office 365, and provides helpful tools and templates for companies to create project schedules and share them with the entire team. You can also set different objectives for the team to follow along with, and use Microsoft Project to track the resources you use throughout every project. Microsoft Project is sure to largely benefit the streamlining of all your company activities, big or small.

o Podio

What sets Podio apart from other business management softwares is its ability to directly connect your company with potential clients and candidates. With Podio, you can set up project and department-specific workspaces for your internal company activity, and you can also invite clients, freelancers, and job seekers into the workspaces so that they can engage in conversations in a relevant environment. Using Podio will help your company not only tighten up its internal structure but also market to a wider target audience.

o Fuze

With features like voice calling, video conferencing, and quick messaging, Fuze allows you to be in constant communication with your team. You have the option of both large group calls for bigger projects and one-on-one meetings for individual conversations. You can simplify your internal company activity by using Fuze, which unifies all communication systems on a single platform.

In summary, above are just a few of the business management softwares that allow company leaders and employees to:

  • Increase, measure, and manage productivity

  • Improve communication and relationships

  • Communicate directly with relevant audiences and market to clients

And much, much more. Popularized in the industry since the mid-1900s, this type of software is tailored to the specific needs of keeping companies and businesses afloat, and is sure to be game-changing in your overall working experience.

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