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Give Yourself a Year-End Career Review

Updated: Jan 31

Women sitting at a desk on a laptop, year end career review

As 2022 comes to an end, it is that time where we start to reflect on what has happened in the past year, both in our personal lives and our professional lives. Remembering what we achieved and what mistakes we have made in the time that has passed is a great way to plan and set goals for the year ahead. It is also important to review our business’ achievements and goals and determine the best routes to take to ensure positive outcomes during the next year.

Review Yourself

As you take the time to reflect on what you have done in the past year, answer these questions:

  • What have I achieved in the past year?

  • Did I try anything outside of my comfort zone?

  • What mistakes have I made and learned from?

  • Do I enjoy what I am doing - is there something I would change?

  • Have I connected enough with my network? Did it expand?

Utilizing these questions and the answers that come to your mind will help you build your year-end review and plan your goals for the next year. Reviewing your accomplishments will help you remember when you were at your best and what you most enjoyed doing. As you think about these, you might think about what you’ve learned after trying something new that did not end up as an accomplishment, but as a mistake that helped you gain new knowledge.

After reflecting on those experiences, decide if you would like to focus on something different or try to spend time fixing those mistakes you had made. We do not always have to be alone in our endeavors, as building and maintaining relationships in our networks can make a huge impact in our career paths. Writing these reflections down and taking the time to think and plan will bring an even better and brighter new year.

Review Your Business

After reviewing your personal achievements and goals, remember to reflect on your business as a whole. Following the pandemic in recent years, business trends and expectations have shifted and evolved. How have our businesses handled the demand for remote/hybrid work? The adaptation of new technologies and A.I.? The necessary aspects of a workplace that make employees feel valued and welcome? Many employees are expecting more than just good pay and benefits. They are looking for companies who prioritize their health and safety and show compassion, according to NEMR. If our businesses have not adapted in this way, reviewing and planning for the new year might present these changes.

Career Satisfaction

While we take the time to form these year-end reviews and remember the experiences that took place, it is also important to reflect on the career that we have chosen. For our recruiters, we reflect on enjoying the use of people skills and working to build relationships with others. It is rewarding to facilitate connections between our clients and candidates and to help them find success in their lives. As we all review our year, think about what makes your chosen career rewarding and fulfilling. If this is difficult to answer, a new year might be a perfect opportunity for a new beginning. It is not easy to switch careers, but in the end it will make a big impact on mental health and overall well-being.

As we are heading towards 2023, remember all that you have achieved and learned in 2022. Using all of that knowledge and experience as you plan and set goals for the future will only help in the end. It is important to enter this new year with a positive outlook and heads held high. Reflect on where you have been and where you are now, and of course where you want to be. We should never let mistakes be more than learning experiences that help us adjust our approach and carry on.

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