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How Does a Company Prepare to Bring a New Senior Leader Into Their Organization?

Updated: Feb 7

It may seem scary and challenging to come into a new organization and be the boss. A new leader may wonder how the employees who have been there for longer, will react to them coming in and taking over or how they should assert themselves over the others.

When it comes to bringing in a new senior leader, every organization may want to go about it differently, but all should prepare in multiple ways. The company who is bringing about this change of leadership needs to make sure that the new leader coming in is prepared for this takeover, that the employees of the company are aware of what is happening and that the company itself is ready for this change and will become better because of it.

The first step in bringing in new leadership to an already established company is to make sure that the new incoming leader is prepared.

Some ways to prepare the new senior leader are:

o Have honest and open communication be a precedent between other leaders and incoming- this will allow the incoming member to feel welcomed and more willing to ask questions if needed.

o Discuss expectations before the start date- this will make sure that everyone is on the same page and that all are aware of what needs to be done.

o Tell them about the team they will be working with- this will let them have some insight to the people they will be working with before they meet them.

o Have them meet the team beforehand- this will make the first day an easier transition since everyone will have had a chance to meet and talk before.

The next thing that should be done when bringing in a new senior leader is to prepare the employees for the change. The employees may have been attached to the previous leader and are hesitant to accept a new one. The other company leaders and managers need to be sure to get the employees onboard before and during the transition.

Some ways to do so include:

  • Communication with employees- make sure that they feel heard and if there are any concerns or questions, all are answered.

  • Have each employee meet with the new senior leader- this will allow a relationship to form quickly and allow both to accept each other on their own.

  • Have a lot of meetings- in the meetings tell the employees everything that is going on to keep everyone on the same page during this transition.

  • Ask them questions- this will help to get a feel for what they are hoping and looking for in a new leader and make them feel more heard and more willing to ask their own questions.

While it is very important that the incoming member and the former employees are prepared and eager for the transition, it is also important for the company itself to be prepared. Any new hires, promotions or other changes should always better the company. Prepare the company for a new leader or employee by doing certain things in each stage of the hiring process.

During the interview and initial portion within the hiring process the company should:

1. Make sure the applicant will fit in with the other members of the organization

-You don’t want to have a new member come in and cause problems with the others. Make sure the incoming hire will fit in well with the current employees.

2. Tell the applicant the company’s values and mission and see if they align with their own

-It is better to hire someone who agrees with what the company is all about. You don’t want to have someone who will change the values already set in place for the company.

3. Have an honest conversation about all that the job entails

-Prepare them right away so that if they do get hired, they aren’t shocked by all that is being asked of them.

During the transition of leaders, prepare the company by:

A. Making sure everyone is aware

-You don’t want any employees or other leaders unaware of the big change so make sure there was a lot of information about the incoming member and that all were prepared for this change beforehand.

B. Ease the new leader into the job

-Don’t just automatically have this new leader do everything, ease them into the job by first showing them how to do some of the smaller jobs. Then once they get to know a few of the employees, start raising the level into leadership.

C. Have the old leader there ready to welcome the new hire

-The old senior leader was probably well liked and trusted by the team, so by having them endorse the new leader it will allow the team to have an open mind to the change and get everyone started on the right foot with each other.

If the company, employees and new members are all prepared and are aware of the changes that bringing in a new senior leader will bring about, then the new leader will succeed in the job. Don’t rush into throwing a new leader into the mix. It may take time for everyone to adjust and that’s normal. Once all are adjusted, the new senior leader will do great work for the company!


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