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The Benefits of Using a Recruiting Firm

Updated: Feb 7

recruiting firm

If you’re currently part of a company looking to hire new employees—a state that all companies are in at some point in time—recruiting firms are a real game changer. Recruiting firms, also referred to as recruiting or staffing agencies, are firms for hire by companies that, once hired, provide the company with in-depth hiring services. These firms help research the roles that companies are looking to fill, and then locate and screen through large pools of qualified candidates to propose to the company. Recognizing the sheer amount of benefit recruiting firms bring, more and more companies are starting to utilize their services. If you’re in a position to hire or be hired, consider enlisting in the services of a recruiting firm. Read on to learn more about all the benefits hiring a recruiting firm can bring.

Accessing Industry Expertise

For starters, recruiting firms are excellent to use because they are specifically designed to provide these hiring services. They have a lot of knowledge about what every kind of industry expects, and therefore have a solid and thorough grasp on what types of candidates with which kinds of skills would make for good employees, and offer valuable skill sets to your specific company.

Recruiting firms are distilled down into two different categories: generalist and specialist. Specialist agencies, as the name suggests, specialize in certain fields and industries, so they will be able to give your company a lot of valuable insight into your specific field and job market, and suggest exactly what to look for. Generalist agencies, however, can also offer equally valuable information that is more informed and specific than what internal recruiting may be able to provide.

Reviewing More Candidates

Because recruiting firms are specifically on the lookout for candidates of good fit, hiring a firm will allow more potential employees to come across your table, because the firm has solidified processes of scouting and screening them. Meanwhile, in-house recruiters and internal hiring may not grant you access to as many, or certain standout, candidates.

Another benefit to communicating closely with a recruiting firm is accessing their accumulated knowledge about candidates. Many firms have potentially worked with suitable candidates before, so the candidate pool from which you are picking to hire is likely to increase in quality, because the recruiting firm has the ability to recommend candidates whose skill sets they are more familiar with. This is also a really crucial insight to have when recruiting firms are looking to recommend candidates who they believe to fit into the company not only skill-wise, but culture-wise as well.

Direct Communication

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a recruiting firm is that you grant your company and hiring team the ability to communicate directly with the team now first-handedly vetting your potential candidates. Establishing such a channel of communication allows you to hear from and connect with the recruiting firm’s diverse, relevant network, which will help you effectively staff your team. You also have the opportunity to clearly express your ideas for your company, which allows the recruiting firm to get to know your company culture and workflow, and better adjust their candidate selections to fit your company’s wants and needs.

Building Long-Term Relationships

If you are concerned about the financial payoff of hiring a recruiting firm, worry not. Hiring and enlisting in the services of a recruiting firm is not a one-and-done deal. In fact, staying in touch with the recruiting firm brings a host of other benefits—not only does your company continue getting recommended more candidates and potential hires whenever you need them, but your current employees and staff are also able to receive valuable training from the firm, and your company can receive staffing strategies. This will greatly benefit your company in the long run, because you and your team can gain industry-specific training, perspectives, and ideas hot off the press, and your company can establish a wider, more diverse reach.

Keeping a long-term relationship with a recruiting firm is also especially useful if you’re a company currently looking for temporary hires, for example on a seasonal basis. If employees frequently rotate in and out of your team, hiring a recruiting firm is the way to go.

Benefits Both Ways

Are you currently not on the hiring end of the job seeking process, and wondering how all this may apply to you? It’s important to keep in mind that even if you’re not on the hiring team of a company, even being a job seeker opens you to accessing all the potential benefits of using a recruiting agency. Recruiting firms support both the company and the candidates, and companies using the help of a recruiting firm have a higher chance of finding you for potential hire. If you want to learn more about how you can tailor your resume and online presence to optimize your chances of being noticed by a company and potentially recruiting firm, read our past blogs about writing resumes, making the most of LinkedIn, and more.

Ultimately, recruiting firms bring countless benefits to your company and hiring experience. From streamlining the hiring process to providing a wider network and range, recruiting firms are a true lifesaver, and the best way to go. Even if you aren’t currently looking for new employees, it doesn’t hurt to connect early with such a rich source of information and support, and gain as much information and experience as you can. Hiring a recruiting firm opens up a whole new door of possibilities for your company, so it’s wise to consider the option—it can only help!


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