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7 Myths About Recruiters: Recruiters are Only Needed for a Certain Level of Job Position

Updated: Jan 30

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Continuing our series expanding on 7 myths about recruiters, the myth that we will be discussing this week in our blog series is that recruiting agencies are only needed for a certain level of job position. Many job seekers think that recruiters can only help them find entry-level positions, and many think the opposite. The truth is that recruiters will help candidates and companies in any and every level of job that is asked for. This helps display one of the benefits of working with recruiting firms, informing job seekers that recruiters will be there to assist them on every step of their career journey, whether they have a small amount of experience or much more.

Entry-Level Positions

Recruiting agencies are helpful in many ways, even when a candidate is seeking an entry-level position. There are many benefits that they pose to these job seekers, aside from finding them a job position. Recruiters assist candidates with their resumes, making sure that they are up to date and prepared in the best way to be viewed by employers. They also consider the company that is being applied to and help prepare the candidate for specific interview questions that might be asked. These aspects alone are very important when it comes to applying for any job position, but for entry-level candidates, they are especially helpful. In addition, recruiters advocate for their candidates and negotiate a fair salary on their behalf. This shows that recruiters are there every step of the way, and are an invaluable resource.

High-Level Positions

Recruiting firms are very useful when it comes to high-level job searching by those with large amounts of experience and knowledge in a certain industry. Tying into our previous blog, these recruiters have access to job positions that one would not find online. Many companies turn to recruiting agencies to find talent for managerial or C-level positions so that they can be sure they hire someone who is right for the job. It will cost the company more to hire the wrong candidate, so working with recruiters is the best way to go. This fact proves that recruiters work to help job seekers find any level of job position, not just entry-level. The connections and experience that recruiting agencies have are very useful tools for both candidates and companies at every level of seniority.

Specialized Skills

At every level of job, there is also the demand for a certain set of skills or knowledge. This is more common above entry level, and is a reason that many companies work with recruiting agencies. Specific job positions have to be filled by those who have the right skill set for it, and job seekers might consider looking for these positions through a recruiter so that they feel their talents are not overlooked, but demanded. These job positions might not be found on online job boards, so it again shows a great benefit in deciding to contact a recruiter. Certain desired skills could also include soft skills like communication, multitasking, and cooperation. When a recruiter gets to know their candidate and sees that they have these abilities, they are more likely to be recommended for certain positions with certain companies.

Throughout this discussion, we have reviewed how recruiters benefit candidates at different levels of their career. Recruiting firms are useful from entry-level to C-level, despite many misconceptions that state otherwise. Throughout each step of the career journey, from building resumes to preparing for an interview, recruiters are there to help candidates to the best of their abilities. Stay tuned each week for our next blog as we continue our series on 7 myths about recruiters and leave your thoughts on our LinkedIn or Instagram.

At Sedna, we help candidates find positions from entry-level to C-level in the tech industry. Our team is highly experienced and will provide you with the information and advice you need at each stage of your career journey. Send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram or visit our contact page if you would like to begin working with us.



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