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7 Myths About Recruiters: Recruiters Have a Say in Whether or Not the Candidate Receives the Job

Updated: Jan 30

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The next myth we will be discussing in our “7 myths about recruiters” series is “recruiters have a say in whether or not the candidate receives the job.” We have previously debunked this misconception, stating that hiring managers of the company have the final say in the hiring of candidates. Recruiters can, however, give recommendations to their clients, as it is their job to bring forth the best candidate selections for the position. Once the candidate presents themselves and their talents to the hiring manager, they are the one who will ultimately decide if they receive the job.

Recruiter’s Responsibility

A recruiter connects clients with qualified candidates for their open job positions, bridging the gap between parties. They take care of the process of reviewing resumes and qualifications and put forth individuals who they believe will fit well in the role and the company. They assess experience, skill sets, and the aspects of a working environment that the candidate is looking for to determine if they should be connected with the hiring manager of the company. In addition, recruiters provide candidates with helpful tips on resume building, cover letters, and interview preparation. They are able to advocate for candidates and give their feedback to the client companies, but they cannot decide if they are actually hired.

Candidate’s Responsibility

Once a candidate is being connected to a company through a recruiter, the recruiter will begin preparing them for their interview. Once the individual then goes to the company for the interview, it is up to them to further convince the hiring manager that they are right for the job. The recruiter would not have made the connection if they were not qualified, but the decision rests with the company if the candidate will be hired. They must consider the advice from the recruiter on the best ways to answer interview questions and do their best to present the qualities a new hire must possess to fit in well with the company. This is also their time to listen about the position directly from the company.

Final Decision

The client company’s hiring manager has the final say in whether or not a candidate receives a job offer. They have the responsibility of reviewing the candidate list that the recruiter has supplied and deciding if they want to bring any of the candidates in for an interview. There is the possibility that the hiring manager does not find any of the individuals recommended to be promising enough and request that the recruiter screen additional candidates further. After deciding who they want to interview for the position, they then decide if they want to extend an offer for the job. The recruiter that works with them does not have any sort of say or influence in this decision, as the job of connecting candidate and company has already been completed.

Ultimately, a recruiter’s job is to recruit, not to hire. They can assist candidates through the process before the interview, and continue to provide their guidance if the individual wishes to keep in touch with them, but they cannot decide if they are hired or not. This decision lies with the company only. This myth is one that is important to debunk in order to get past any doubts of working with a recruiter. Stay tuned next week as we continue this series and further discuss recruiters and the myths associated with them.

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