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Advantages of Temporary Employment

Updated: Jan 30

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The search for permanent employment can be challenging at times, and job seekers might feel that they are stuck and unable to find a good position. There is the option of instead looking for a temporary job, but many individuals do not find this to be an instantly appealing solution. Temporary employment makes up only a small percentage of the workforce at about 1.93% as of April 2023.

Many avoid temporary positions due to the lack of security and stability that an otherwise permanent career would provide. However, these jobs can also come with many short-term and long-term benefits. Listed below are several advantages of temporary employment.

1. Flexibility

This is an important factor that many individuals search for in any type of employment. In regards to temporary positions, flexibility is a common trait. Most temporary positions are part-time, which means that there will be time to do other tasks such as continuing the search for a permanent job or taking up a new hobby. Employers may be more likely to accommodate your schedule if you are a temporary worker, which is a great benefit.

2. Source of income

Everyone needs money in order to pay bills and put food on the table, and having a temporary job ensures that you will be able to do so while you look for a permanent position. Some temporary jobs offer competitive wages as well, since companies wish to fill the positions and be sure that it is worth it to the candidates.

3. Fill Resume Gaps

Many employers look at large gaps on resumes to be a sign of an individual being unmotivated, which can leave a bad first impression. Filling these gaps with temporary employment shows that you have the drive and willingness to pursue work. This also shows that you have a variety of skills and experience in different environments, making you more appealing to potential employers.

4. Experiment in Different Fields

Temporary employment is beneficial when it comes to deciding which industry or environment you best see yourself working in. A temporary job allows you to experiment and try out different jobs in different fields without the long-term commitment. It also is a great opportunity to experience different work cultures and management styles to figure out what type of environment you wish to find for a permanent position. In addition, you may see which field you most enjoy or that pays the most.

5. Increase Experience & Qualifications

Working at a temporary position in your field gives you a great opportunity to enhance your skill set and gain more experience in that type of work environment. Choosing a job in a different field provides you with more experience to add to your resume and a new skill set to show to future employers.

6. Fast Hiring Process

The hiring process for full-time jobs can be long and tedious at times, but this is not usually the case for temporary positions. Companies that are looking for temporary workers normally seek to fill these positions quickly, and may even be flexible with the requirements for the role. This can result in quicker interview offers since being temporary means there does not have to be any long-term commitments at the time of hiring.

7. Build Your Network

Temporary positions allow you to meet new people just as if it was a permanent position. At these jobs, you have the opportunity to not only make friends, but to extend your list of references and build your personal and professional networks. Working with new people and showing that you are a reliable and capable employee might result in a permanent job offer in the future.

8. Possibility for Permanent Job Offer

There are many individuals who work full-time positions that started off as temporary workers. Getting into a company through a temporary job could end up being something more if an employer really enjoys your work. That is why it is always important to take the role seriously, even when temporary, as it has the potential to turn into a long-term position.

Temporary employment comes with many advantages when you are stuck on your hunt for a full-time career. With the opportunity to get your foot in the door of different companies, there is great potential to be promoted to full-time, and build your network at the very least. Choosing to accept a temporary role can be highly beneficial in not only the short-term, but long-term as well.

Are you looking for temporary or permanent employment? At Sedna Consulting Group, we connect talent to companies that have the most suitable positions for them. Send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram if you are interested in working with our experienced team.



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