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Careers Related to Data and Data Science

Updated: Feb 7

Are you good at collecting data and working with technology? Are you wondering what sort of careers you could put those skills to use in?

Well, we’re here today to tell you all about the careers in data and data science where those skills could be put to the test!

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. This one field combines multiple fields within it. Those who practice data science need to have a wide range of skills in order to analyze data from the web, smartphones, customers, sensors and other sources. Working with data usually involves making sense of messy, unstructured data from those sources that don’t neatly fit into databases. Data science is one of the most highly paid jobs which is why it is such a highly lucrative career option.

In order to branch into data and date science careers, there are some certain skills and knowledge a data scientist needs to possess and know:

1. Statistics

-In order to be a data scientist you need to have a good understanding of statistics. Become familiar with statistical tests, distributions and maximum likelihood estimators.

2. Programming Skills

-All data companies know a statistical programming language and will expect any and all interviewees or new hires to know how to use this skill as well.

3. Data Wrangling

-Within this career, much of the data will be messy and sometimes difficult to work with, which makes it very important for all workers to possess the skill of data wrangling.

4. Machine Learning

-If a company has a product that is data driven such as Uber or Netflix, or if the company is large and has a huge amount of data, machine learning is crucial to know so that it can all be stored and sorted properly.

5. Software Engineering

-In this job you will be responsible for dealing with a lot of data logging and developing new data-driven products. If you have a strong software engineering background or knowledge of this skill, you can be better equipped for what is to come.

Once you possess all those skills and are comfortable working with all forms of technology, you can start to assess what area within this field you think you would work well in.

The different jobs available within this field include:

Data Scientist

-This job would require one to find, clean and organize data for the company. In order to succeed in this position, one would need to be very technical and able to manage large amounts of tough information.

Machine Learning Engineer

-In this job one would create data funnels and deliver software solutions. If you have strong statistics, programming skills and software engineering skills, this may be the place for you. You will design and build machine learning systems while also running tests and experiments to make sure all data is running smoothly.

Machine Learning Scientist

-Here is where you would research new data approaches and algorithms. You would then use what you researched and learned in adaptive systems and use to show the company new learning techniques.

Applications Architect

-This is where one would track the behavior of applications used within the business and find out how each application interacts. You would be focused on designing the applications while also making sure that they work properly and best as possible.

Enterprise Architect

-Responsible for making sure that the company’s technology needs match up with what they have. You would need to design new systems if the organization’s strategy and their technological needs don’t align together.

Data Architect

-This job requires one to create new database systems, improve the old database systems and provide access to all database administrators and analysts. You need to be ready to design analytics applications across all platforms.

Infrastructure Architect

-The overseer of all the systems with the business. In this position you would make sure that each system that the company uses is working and can support the potential development of new systems, applications and technologies.

Data Engineer

-Here is the one that is held responsible for building and maintaining data pipelines. You would perform real-time processing on collected and stored data. This job helps create an interconnected data ecosystem within the company which will make information accessible for all.

Business Intelligence Developer

-This is where one would design and develop strategies to help the business find all the information needed to help the company flourish. This job essentially helps the business run more smoothly and keeps all of the data together and neat. In order to do this job, one would have to be very data and tech-savvy.


-This job requires one to be able to collect, analyze and interpret data. This is needed in order to identify trends in the data which can help the company with decision making.

Data Analyst

-Data analysts change large data sets to the needs and wants of the company in which they work for. This helps the company remain on top of everything. A data analyst may also prepare reports and communicate trends to help with any decision the company needs to make.

Because this field is so grueling with the amount of knowledge and skills needed, there is always a demand for more people who can succeed within it. Those who are in this field are typically experts in a lot of other fields as well, which helps a lot with the many different skills needed. Working in data science requires a lot of knowledge and is considered by many to be a hard career, but if you enjoy it and are good at it, take a shot. Prefect the skills you will need and attempt to get a job or internship within one of the positions discussed above!


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