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Five Tips to Stay Mentally Active throughout the Holiday Season

Updated: Feb 7

For many, the holiday season looks a little different this year. Between baking cookies and buying gifts for your friends and family, it can be hard to stay productive in your professional life. A Robert Half survey reported that over 30 percent of employees struggle with balancing work and holiday obligations. Furthermore, over 20 percent reported that they were stressed with taking time off and coming back to a heavier workload.

While it’s important to take time off during the holiday season, you’ll thank yourself later if you find time to work towards your career goals. Read on to learn about five ways to remain productive while still enjoying your holidays.

1. Stick with your normal daily routine

If you normally wake up at 8 a.m., try to get out of bed at that time throughout the holidays. It may seem tempting to stay warm under the covers, but starting the day off right will keep you from feeling sluggish later in the day. The same goes for when you typically work, when you eat, and when you go to bed.

2. Be intentional about the work you are doing

Ask yourself daily about what’s important to you and what you want to achieve with your work. It will take less than ten minutes in your morning routine, but it will give your mind clarity and purposefulness in the things you need to achieve. With many of us working at home for over six months, it can feel as though you are working through the motions. By listing a few of your priorities each day, you’ll find yourself being more intentional about the work you are doing. In the long run, it’ll keep you from feeling like you are on autopilot. It will also make your work more rewarding and less monotonous to accomplish.

3. Limit any distractions

When you are dedicating time for work, create an environment where you aren’t checking your phone every few minutes or browsing for holiday gifts. If you have been working at home, you might already have an efficient working environment. But, during the holiday season, it will be even more tempting to distract yourself when working. Put your phone in another room, or even set a timer for yourself to dedicate only to work. By being fully productive when working, you’ll be able to finish your work quicker and spend that extra time decorating gingerbread cookies with your family.

4. Focus on one thing at a time

Your holiday to-do list may seem like a feat. Block out your time at the start of every morning, then stick with accomplishing one thing at a time. If you planned to check off one of your work tasks, focus entirely on that task until completion before moving onto your next task. It’ll keep you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

5. Have fun and celebrate yourself

Above all else, the holiday season is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t check off all your to-do lists at the end of the day. Productivity should not be an obstacle from enjoying your holiday season. Find an enjoyable balance, so that you can return to the office refreshed and ready to start the new year. The Sedna team wishes you a safe and happy holiday.


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