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How Does Sedna Differ from Other Consulting Firms?

Updated: Feb 7

Do you ever wonder what a consulting firm is or what they really do?

Well, a short answer for that would be that a consulting firm is a professional service firm that provides expert advice for a fee. Basically, every company is bound to have problems over time and when those problems arise, a consulting firm is hired to solve it.

Most consulting firms have a certain field or industry that they specialize in. Here at Sedna, we specialize in technology solutions and staffing, but we are still able to work across other industries too such as Finance, Government, Insurance and Healthcare industries. We are a consulting group, but we go a little deeper than most. We direct most of our work to recruiting. Not only do we help individual professionals find opportunities where they can begin their work career, but we also help organizations as a whole by providing them with diverse talent that we know will fit into the company and work well there.

A special thing about us is that we are a minority, woman-owned small business. We strive to have workers with diverse backgrounds and all different talents so that we can suit all of our customers as best we can. For over 15 years, we have been preparing technology professionals for work and setting them up to succeed. Our flexible and talented workers ensure that we can work across different industries and serve public sector organizations.

Our vision here is to create a more diverse and equitable technology industry and our mission is to connect high-performing, diverse talent with passionate, innovative companies to build their career. In order to achieve both our mission and vision, we set values for our company. All of us here at Sedna are driven by the values we have put in place.

Some things that differentiate us from other consulting firms are:

· Leadership Team

-This team is composed of professionals from large staffing, consulting and technology companies. Because of this team, clients can get the highest quality, comprehensive and innovative experience with us.

· Business of relationship-building

-While most businesses believe that they are in the business of fulfilling requirements, we believe that we are in the business of relationship-building. We don’t think of our interactions with our clients as just another transaction for us, and we want them to know how much we truly value them.

· Quality over quantity

-We will always choose quality over quantity. We conduct comprehensive screening of potential candidates to present a handful of quality resumes to the client. The heavy lifting to help find the best talent is done by us so that our clients can spend less time recruiting and more time fulfilling their company’s mission.

· Going above and beyond

-We believe in going above and beyond for our clients. We don’t just want to meet their requirements, we want to exceed them by taking the time to understand what the client is really looking for.

· Commitment to our values

-Our company is driven by the values we have set in place for ourselves. Because of that, we carefully select clients who align with our company values so that we can work together well.

We have five values that we stick to and we make sure that all our employees know and honor them.

The five values are:

1. Integrity-

We want to do the right thing even if it’s not the easiest thing to do. We strive to lead with integrity and hold all of our workers accountable to our clearly defined guidelines on engaging with customers and others.

2. Dependability-

Always delivering what we promised we would! Actions speak louder than words and our customers will always be able to know that we will do all we say we will.

3. Inclusion-

We have a very diverse team, and we value that our workplace is a spot where all individuals feel supported and empowered. We are committed to providing access to economic opportunities for marginalized populations.

4. Service Excellence-

Our team is held to the highest standards to ensure that we are providing superior service to all of our clients. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated to improve our services.

5. Community Focus-

We are driven by the belief that what we do is more than just a job, it is about workforce development, access to opportunity, and economic mobility for all people. All businesses have a moral responsibility to act and to move beyond the traditional corporate social responsibility mindset and we firmly believe that.

Along with our values, we also have general guidelines that we expect our employees to know and honor. Each guideline will show our employees how they should treat clients, co-workers and their employers and how they can become the best worker they can be. Having everyone know these guidelines ensures that we are all on the same page, in-sync and so we can all know how best to act as a member of the Sedna company.

The three guidelines we follow are:

1. Commitment to excellence-

- Each of our team members are expected to be productive and minimize distractions, which is now even more important since working from home.

2. Respect in the workplace-

-All candidates, clients and all others we might interact with, are treated with the utmost respect and attention.

3. Open door policy-

-We encourage all of our employees to reach out to others if they might have any questions or concerns. This allows us all to remain on the same page and helps us work better together.

Sedna strives to help as many people as we can and we have been successful at doing so for the past 15 years. We encourage our clients, help them find talent and help professionals start their careers, all while remaining true to our mission, goals, vision, guidelines and our values. Together we work to create a more diverse tech world!

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