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How to Use Tech to Improve Mental Health and Kickstart Your Career

Updated: Jan 30

Man holding a tablet and thinking, using tech to improve mental health

Technology has the potential to influence almost every aspect of our day to day lives. Different technologies have significantly impacted our society as a whole and allow us many options in how we complete certain tasks. Not only does technology help in the efficiency of work and communication, but it also has many advantages in improving our mental health.

Many individuals have experienced challenges in pursuing their careers due to reasons regarding their mental health, and many continue to face these obstacles even in their current jobs. In fact, 92% of employees experience mental health challenges that impact their work. Due to this, we are seeing more and more businesses taking the mental health of their employees more seriously than ever before. However, we are going to discuss how these individuals can utilize technology to improve their own mental health which will help their careers overall.

Technology and Mental Health

Increased use of technology has had many effects on mental health, both positive and negative. While technology has many benefits and resources that are accessible, it is important not to ignore the disadvantages of too much usage. Finding that balance and keeping a positive mindset will be highly beneficial for your mental health and, in turn, your career.

  • Pros

Information and advice about mental health is in abundance on the internet. Not only is this information easy to access, but it is without financial cost. It is also easy to find resources like apps and websites that provide access to support from professionals. There are several advantages to these such as the option to remain anonymous, low to no cost which can be cheaper than in-person care, and simply the convenience of seeking support in the comfort of your own home.

Technology also provides outlets for creativity and communication with others that share similar interests and experiences. With social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, it is easy to find inspiration, express yourself, and connect with others. Finding communities where we feel that we belong and are free to be ourselves has significant positive effects on mental health.

  • Cons

While it is easier to seek out mental health support through technology, it is not proven whether it has the same effectiveness as in-person methods. Spending the time and effort trying to find online resources that might not work for every individual can be counterproductive. It is important to understand that what works for one person might not also work for others, as that comparison can lead to further negative outcomes to one’s mental state.

Through technology and social media sites that can bring benefits to mental health, there is also the chance for the opposite. Comparing one’s position on a career path to someone else who might be farther along will not help keep a positive mindset. Being mindful of these thoughts and taking breaks from social media will help balance out these risks.

Using Tech to Help Your Career Mindset

There are many different ways to use technology to build the confidence and skills that you need to kickstart your career. It is beneficial to look at how utilizing resources to improve your mental health will help your career, and vice versa. Going into a career with a positive outlook that you spent effort to achieve is a great way to set up long term success.

  • Self-Management Apps

A key factor in a successful career is managing your time effectively and keeping up with your own personal needs. Using apps and online tools can help you keep track of your schedule and set reminders so that you won’t forget important things throughout your day. There are also apps that can provide easy access to stress management tools in addition to monitoring your exercise, sleep, and eating habits.

  • Online Learning

Feeling prepared for your career through building your skills and knowledge online is a great way to improve your mindset. There are so many excellent options to further your education or to simply learn a new skill through online courses. Equally important, there are plenty of online tools to improve coping and thinking skills and learn more about stress and anxiety management.

  • Community & Networking

Feeling like you are alone on your career journey has the potential to increase stress and result in a negative mindset. Using social sites like LinkedIn to find others who are in a similar position as you can help ease the worries of jumping into your career. Building relationships will help you find others who can share their knowledge and experiences and also possibly connect you to great opportunities.

There are excellent advantages overall to utilizing technology to improve mental health. Keeping a positive mindset and finding a balance in the usage of technology is beneficial to overall success. It can be very difficult for individuals to jump into a new career without first taking care of themselves and their mental health. There may be many challenges to overcome, but taking the first step is the only way to reach your end goals.

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