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Importance of Customer Service

Updated: Feb 7

Delivering quality customer service should be a key tenet for any service-oriented business. While positive customer reviews or industry awards can be tangible results of great service delivery, the true measure is the long-term relationships and returning customers.

The biggest asset for any service-based organization is its people. Team members must have the right experience, people-first mindset, and alignment with the company values to create a lasting impression on customer, clients, and company partners.

What are some useful benchmarks to look at when assessing a company’s customer service? Read on for three things to look for.

Customer Reviews

The most common way for the general public to view a company’s customer service success or shortcoming is to look up their online reviews on Google, Yelp, Fiverr, or another online marketplace platform where the service or product is sold. When assessing a company’s proficiency, keep in mind the total number of reviews and the average industry review to get a snapshot of how the company is performing.

Business Growth

Why is a business growing quickly? Take a look at the service to the customer being provided. High growth companies often are highly successful at meeting the needs of their customers. That’s what allows the company to continue to acquire more clients and customers in a sustainable way.

Staff Talent

Excellent customer service is provided by excellent employees. Ensuring that a company has strong leadership, a defined company structure, and effective training programs and culture are key to cultivating excellent employees. But how can one find talented employees to work with?

Companies of all sizes will often utilize recruiters like Sedna to find talented candidates for them to consider adding to their business. It can often make sense to outsource the process of researching and reviewing candidates to someone else and only pay if the person is hired. An active search for candidates by a dedicated professional can produce an advantage over the competition. We work closely with our clients that are looking to find employees to understand exactly what an excellent employee means to them. This helps us search through our candidates to make sure we recommend the highest quality candidate for our client.

The most important asset of any service based business is its people. Some ways we can evaluate the people of a company are public reviews, business growth, and staff members. At Sedna, we are committed to working with our clients and partners to ensure those goals are exceeded and so that our clients and partners may thrive in their industry.


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