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Sedna's Goals in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Updated: Feb 7

five young people sitting together on a couch smiling, diversity and inclusion

Sedna Consulting Group ensures to maintain its positive, unique workplace for its employees. Through each of its different, yet skilled employees, Sedna provides valuable, essential services to its clients by also encouraging diversity and individuality of its employees. In an ever-changing professional workplace environment, diversity, equity, and inclusion play a key role in maintaining a comfortable, accepting, and enjoyable workplace. As a consulting group that specializes in the tech industry, Sedna Consulting Group is undoubtedly diverse, yet accepting workplace.

o Diversity

Like many other companies, Sedna Consulting Group receives a variety of job applications that come from a diverse population of job applicants. Diversity is one of the most essential elements that make up a workplace; as each employee is different and has his/her own special, unique quality, it is important for him/her to feel comfortable and accepted in the workplace. From socio economics factors of the employee, to the individual skill sets that each individual possesses, diversity should be and is common in Sedna Consulting Group.

o Equity

Those working in Sedna Consulting Group are dedicated to creating a more equitable work environment that not only encourages, but also embraces diversity, inclusion, and variety of practices. This is especially shown in the hiring process that values "non-traditional" applicants by acknowledging the unique, individual skill sets they bring to their job. Not only does Sedna Consulting Group embrace that diversified mentality internally within its employees, but also educate its clients on being open-minded and receptive to these candidates. Each employee is ensured to fully understand and accept the value they could provide to their clients and designated duties.

o Inclusion

In order to feel truly comfortable and accepted in your work environment, it is imperative that employers encourage a sense of inclusion and respect throughout the company. All employees should feel included by both their fellow coworkers and their superiors. This allows all of the company employees to not only feel more welcomed, but also acknowledged in the workplace. Inclusion not only allows employees to build strong relationships with each other in the company, but also to establish a smooth-running workplace that offers space for creativity and innovation, and provides useful, valuable services for the clients.

When applying for jobs, it is first important to understand and see what the company culture is like. Beyond the job role and the salary, all prospective employees should first find out if their individuality will be accepted and respected. Since employees spend a vast amount of time working in the office, perhaps even more time spent than with friends and family, it is important to know what a company’s culture is like before applying for a job. There is no one identical workplace culture, so it is first necessary to understand that the common values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are present in the company. Sedna Consulting Group is especially a notable example of a unique, positive workplace. As each employee is special and unique, the company is enhanced with various, yet valued qualities.


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