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Staffing Trends 2023: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 30

Employee working with artificial intelligence

We have witnessed many transformations of the staffing industry in past years during which various trends emerge and evolve. One of these trends is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition.

AI has become a popular tool throughout the business world, and one that comes with much skepticism. There is a common belief that AI will remove human interaction in the recruiting process. This is a misconception, as much of the use of AI is in terms of enhancing job performance and assisting humans to make their jobs more efficient so they can spend more time interacting with other humans. In fact, 65% of recruiters report using AI in the hiring process. There are many benefits that different automated technologies bring to recruitment, and several to choose from.

Benefits of AI in Staffing

Many recruiters and companies today are utilizing AI in their hiring processes. AI brings several benefits that improve the overall experience of recruiting for both recruiters and candidates. A few of these benefits include increased efficiency, data insights, personalization, and unbiased hiring.

  • Efficiency

With AI and automation technology, tasks such as sourcing and screening candidates and scheduling interviews can be done much faster. Streamlining these processes allows recruiters to spend more time on other aspects of hiring.

  • Data Insights

Utilizing data analytics that are run by artificial intelligence provides recruiters with the latest trends and patterns that can help them better advance their processes.

  • Personalization

Using tools like Chatbots can make for a personable, engaging experience that allows candidates to receive answers to any questions they might have relatively quickly. AI can also find and recommend jobs and/or talent based on skills or similar personas.

  • Unbiased Hiring

AI helps reduce bias when it comes to the hiring process through tools that screen based on skill sets and experience and that avoid demographics that could affect unconscious bias. AI video interview software is commonly used to provide a fair assessment of candidates.

Impact of AI on DEI Initiatives

As stated above, using AI in staffing is a great way to reduce bias in talent acquisition. 68% of recruiters believe that using AI in the recruiting process will eliminate unconscious bias. Many different organizations are implementing great diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies and looking for the best ways to improve them. Among these organizations are staffing firms which deal in talent acquisition every day, and would benefit from AI tools that can make sure each candidate is given fair consideration and opportunity. Utilizing AI can help recruiters connect with candidates based on their skills and experience alone and can also provide a diverse set of candidates that are chosen without the unconscious bias of the human mind.

AI Recruitment Tools

Like any type of technology, artificial intelligence continues to evolve and advance as time goes by. AI and automation technologies are growing and becoming more widely used in different industries and are influencing recruitment greatly. There are many tools for recruiters to choose from to streamline their processes and improve the experience of their candidates and clients.

  • Chatbots

As previously mentioned, Chatbots can provide an engaging experience for candidates. These AI-powered agents answer questions in real time and help with the processes of screening and scheduling. Recruiters can even review these conversations and add additional responses to further assist candidate inquiries.

  • Job Algorithms

Recruiters use AI-driven algorithms to analyze candidate profiles and determine if they would be the right fit for an open position. This provides recruiters with a great list of individuals that qualify for the job which they can then review themselves.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP uses artificial intelligence to better understand human language which effectively results in better interpretations and understanding of candidate resumes, cover letters, and interview responses.

Many staffing firms and HR professionals are adapting the use of AI in their organizations. The misconception that bringing AI into the workplace will replace human jobs is common, but these tools simply enhance the experiences of already existing jobs. Being able to efficiently complete time-consuming tasks makes the hiring process more enjoyable for everyone involved and allows time for more strategic tasks. The trend of AI is one that is predicted to continue to grow in the staffing industry and evolves the ways of recruitment as we know it.



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