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Tips on How to Unplug on Vacation

Updated: Jan 30

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As summertime rolls around, many of us travel and hit the beaches to seek a relaxing vacation. However, many of us are guilty of continuing to check work emails and even work remotely while on vacation. According to a survey conducted by Go City, 48% of workers check work emails while on PTO, and 39% will answer them. Doing this can decrease the effectiveness of much deserved time off.

Not only does taking a break improve your mental health overall, but it will also improve your cognitive abilities and enhance your work performance when you do return. In addition, unplugging does not only mean avoiding work-related things, but also social media, news, and other possible stressors that stem from technology. While it can be tempting to stay connected during your vacation, your mental health will thank you if you unplug as much as possible. Let’s look at a few tips on how best to do this.

1. ‘Do not disturb’

This useful feature on our phones can come in handy when trying to avoid stress on vacation. It is important to keep your phone with you in case of an emergency where you might need to use it, but turning off notifications while trying to enjoy relaxation time will help you unwind and enjoy yourself. Of course, turning off cell phones is even better, if possible.

2. Make sure family and friends are on board

It can be distracting when those you are vacationing with are not taking steps to unplug like you are. Setting some ground rules and ensuring everyone is comfortable with avoiding work calls and emails will help with enjoying quality time together to the fullest extent.

3. Tie loose ends before you leave

In order to clear your mind of any work-related issues before your vacation, try to complete everything that could disturb your relaxation time. Taking care of emails, assignments, or other tasks at work before your time off will help you be able to fully relax without worrying over unfinished business.

4. Set boundaries for yourself

If you feel that you must check your emails and that it would cause more stress than not doing so, set a few boundaries. For instance, you can allow yourself to check your email while inside your hotel for a limited period of time, but turn off your phone or notifications when you leave the room. You can also do this with news and social media; check your phone in the morning, but then set a rule to avoid it for the rest of the day. Keeping to these boundaries is important if you wish to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

5. Communicate with your boss and coworkers

Letting everyone at work know that you will be unavailable on vacation will ensure that you hopefully will not receive work calls or emails. It can be beneficial to both parties to leave answers for any possible situations that might arise that require your help so that your coworkers can handle them on their own.

6. Spend time outside

It can be easier to disconnect from technology when you spend your time outside in fresh air. This can be on the beach, on a hike, in the pool, or wherever you find it to be most relaxing. Sitting back to enjoy your surroundings while being separated from the world of work, news, and social media is a great way to really unwind.

7. Remember to rest and to have fun

Time off from work is a great opportunity to catch up on much needed rest. Getting plenty of sleep and taking the time to rejuvenate will do great things for your physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, remembering to have fun is one of the most important things of all while on vacation. Doing activities that you enjoy and creating memories with family and friends are irreplaceable aspects of living.

It might seem difficult to unplug on vacation with the internet being so easily accessible these days. However, it is important to remember that you are deserving of time off after the consistent dedication and hard work you put in during the rest of the year. Taking this time off will also help you perform your job better, as taking breaks improves overall productivity and efficiency.

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