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What Sedna Can Do For You

Updated: Feb 7

woman recruiter with a headset smiling

Sedna is a minority, female-owned business that specializes in tech services. For over fifteen years, it has prepared tech professionals for the ever-changing workforce. The flexibility, dedication, and knowledge it provides in its delivery model allows the group to work across and serve various industries, public sector organizations, startup companies, and large corporations.

Sedna brings about thorough industry knowledge that is necessary to address and solve even the most complex problems of a company. Through its values and team members, Sedna Consulting Group ensures that it provides the necessary tools and support that all companies and corporations need to further develop their businesses.

Experienced Team

For over fifteen years, Sedna Consulting Group has provided quality talent and knowledge to some of the most renowned and esteemed clients. The group has established a vast network of skilled IT professionals to serve its Global 2000 Clients that spans across the nation.

At Sedna Consulting Group, the common value is to encourage and support its recruiters to undergo intense, thorough training on recruiting methods, industry education, and most appropriate practices. Many of its recruiters have been with the consulting group for many years, and have built relationships with the consulting group’s clients. Thus, Sedna Consulting Group values formulating strong relationships with clients and recruiting candidates that best fit the needs of the clients.

Valued Customers

Sedna Consulting Group has a clear, customer-focused approach to its business with each clients’ needs and wants. Sedna often tracks the progress of the numerous stakeholders throughout the staffing process and looks for areas of potential improvement. This allows Sedna to make sure that the group is continuing to provide exceptional service and adapt to any sudden or unexpected changes throughout the industry. The focus on customer service has allowed Sedna Consulting Group to be a popular choice for candidates seeking tech opportunities and companies developing their workforce.

Like many other consulting firms, Sedna greatly values its customer base. Establishing a strong relationship and working with these esteemed clients allows Sedna Consulting Group to not only strengthen its professional relationships with their clients, but also to ensure that a sense of mutual respect and trust is maintained. As Sedna ensures that its customer service fits all of the needs and wants of its customers, the clients are satisfied and content with the provided service.

Onsite-Offsite-Offshore Model

Sedna Consulting Group has assisted clients to develop and promote global Offsite-onsite technology teams very quickly. The group has also effectively and efficiently managed compliance, payroll, and communication amongst the employees. This allows the client to focus on developing their business and allow Sedna to instead handle the entire process.

Sedna Consulting Group has many different roles and features that can not only prepare technology professionals, but also promote the development of small or large corporations. This group has many useful qualities that allows it to stand out from many other consulting groups. From experienced team members to the thorough model that it utilizes to manage the employees, Sedna Consulting Group is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and useful technology consulting firms that any business can turn to for support.


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