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How to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

Updated: Feb 7

Woman sitting at a laptop, virtual interview

The way our world is now, so much is online. Everyone is working from home and relying on technology. Employees and employers have had to become very comfortable with technology since right now, it is the thing keeping companies together. A lot has changed, but we have all figured it out and adapted.

Hiring is one thing that has changed drastically since our world has gone virtual. Most if not all, hiring is done online, over video chat or even through a phone call now. That was definitely something to get used to, especially if the interviewer and interviewee, are not fully comfortable with technology. It is a little bit harder to do an interview through a screen, so employers have since expected different things to be seen and done within all interviews. With an online interview there are more distractions in one’s environment and less of an actual human connection able to be made, so interviewees really need to be ready to show themselves.

Here is what is now expected at each stage of the interview process, as deeply talked about in our past webinar:

-Before the interview-

1. Have a clean professional resume

2. A good mental state

3. Prepared to speak in front of the camera

4. Research done on company and the person who is conducting the interview

5. Technology is reliable and has been tested before interview began

6. Interview space is clean and looks presentable through the camera

-During the interview-

1. Dress appropriately

2. No distractions, such as roommates or pets

3. Eye contact through the camera

4. Be engaged with interviewer

5. Ask relevant questions

-After the interview-

1. Follow-up with interviewer

2. Maintain relationship

3. Inquire about other opportunities in the company as well

While some of those points are typical for any kind of interview, many are things that have come about since being virtual. It is still very possible to shine in an online interview! Be yourself, know what you are talking about and always remain engaged and professional.


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