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The Future of Coding Careers: Will AI Replace Developers?

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As we continue to see more and more breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), certain questions and concerns remain at the forefront of many of our minds: Will AI replace human software developers? Is there a point to learning coding if AI is now able to write code? How can I remain relevant as a developer?

Recently, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated at the World Government Summit in Dubai that children no longer need to learn how to code since AI will be able to do the coding for us. With programs like ChatGPT learning to produce HTML websites from a few prompts, it seems a likely assumption that AI will only become more prevalent in the coding world. However, that does not mean coding careers will become obsolete, or that coding skills should no longer be learned. Let’s delve deeper into what the future holds for careers in coding.

What does the future of coding look like?

No-code and low-code programs have been popular features before AI continued to advance with the introduction of ChatGPT and similar platforms. They allow those without expertise in coding to build websites and other software, and now it seems that AI is taking that to a whole new level. This knowledge is causing many skilled individuals to wonder if there will soon be no need for their abilities. However, even with these breakthroughs, software developers continue to be in demand, with the number of jobs growing each year. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job growth for software developers is 25% between 2022 and 2032. This is a considerably high percentage compared to the average growth for all occupations, which is only 3%. So despite AI now having the ability to create code, jobs in software development are continuing to flourish for the foreseeable future. 

It is important to look at AI and ChatGPT as things to enhance the capabilities of human workers. While a lot of code might be created in a short period of time, that does not mean it is immediately ready to be utilized. Coding experts can use these technologies to help produce code for repetitive and mundane tasks or those that do not require a high level of skill, but for more specialized projects, human skills will still be necessary. AI continues to impress many, but it is still an artificial intelligence. Human creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are crucial to building programs and software in a high-quality way. Continuing to learn coding even in the world of AI will help build these skills over time.

Tips for getting a career in coding

As AI technologies are quickly adopted in many industries, it is important to take steps to keep up with these changes and remain competitive. Let’s look at a few tips for getting noticed and hired in a coding career:

  • Upskilling and reskilling: Having the necessary skills for a coding career is crucial, including technical knowledge and programming languages. However, these are not the only skills to focus on as many soft skills are becoming more sought after in this digital age. As previously mentioned, problem solving and critical thinking skills are more important than ever in the realm of AI, as well as the ability to adapt and remain curious. These skills will help developers thrive in the utilization of AI.

  • Build a portfolio: There is no better way to convey your skills to potential employers than simply showing them. Putting together a portfolio of certifications and projects you’ve worked on is a great way to display what you can do. 

  • Gain additional experience: There are different ways to gain more experience in coding and build your skills and portfolio. This can be done through freelancing, or doing coding work for individuals or businesses without being a full-time employee. You can also produce your own personal projects that help you perfect your skills and showcase your abilities.

  • Boost your resume: Your portfolio and experience can help build your resume greatly, but you should also be sure to include all relevant information that can help enhance it overall. For instance, it is important to include all of the coding languages and skills that you know and how much experience you have with each one. In addition, list soft skills that will be useful in the workplace and in your career, especially ones that might tailor your resume to the job description itself. 

AI and ChatGPT have brought much uncertainty to the future of coding careers, however it is foreseen that developers will still remain in demand. If you are wondering if it is worth it to pursue learning coding for a future career, it is important to follow that passion, even in the realm of AI. Coders will find it necessary to adapt to the use of AI in their work, but their creative and problem solving nature will be difficult to replace.


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Jun 14

The article on the future of coding internet and cable bundles near me careers and AI's potential impact on developers is insightful. It explores the evolving landscape where AI augments rather than replaces human creativity and problem-solving skills in coding. Emphasizing adaptability and continuous learning, it offers a balanced perspective on how developers can harness AI as a tool for innovation. This forward-looking approach encourages professionals to embrace technological advancements while maintaining the core human elements essential to coding expertise.

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