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Women in Technology: Challenges and Advice for 2024

four women in technology around a table collaborating on a project

Even as 2024 begins, many women in technology continue to find themselves amidst the persistent challenges and obstacles of their careers. The tech industry has struggled with its levels of diversity and representation, especially for women who wish to advance in their roles. As of 2023, women account for 14% of the global cloud computing workforce; in engineering, women make up 20% of the workforce, and in data and AI, the share of women is 32%.

For the women that work in tech, there are many different factors that contribute to challenges faced each day in their positions. From stereotypes to unequal pay, it can be difficult to both break into tech and thrive in an unsupportive work environment. Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort from individuals, organizations, and the industry as a whole to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology. Keep reading to learn more about these obstacles for women in tech and advice on how to overcome them, and together we can build a more inclusive and equitable tech industry. 

Challenges for Women in Technology

Women in technology face various challenges that can hinder their professional growth and participation in the field. Some of these challenges include:

  • Unequal Pay: Gender pay gaps persist in many industries, including technology. Women may earn less than their male counterparts for the same job, impacting their financial well-being and job satisfaction. According to a report conducted by Hired, while women with 2-4 years of experience have no expectation gap or wage gap, by 6-10 years, they earn $0.97 to every $1 earned by their white male counterparts. 

  • Bias and Stereotypes: When women face biases and stereotypes in their careers, it can become difficult to thrive and grow. Women may be perceived as less capable or competent in technical roles, contributing to a lack of representation in leadership positions. It can be especially hard for working mothers who might be passed upon for promotional opportunities due to assumptions about family or caregiving responsibilities. 

  • Underrepresentation: Women are often underrepresented in the technology industry, both in terms of employment and leadership roles. This lack of representation can create a sense of isolation and limit networking and mentorship opportunities. Women working in tech without any female leaders to learn from and gain inspiration from might find it difficult to picture themselves in those roles. 

  • Toxic Workplace Culture: Some tech workplaces may have a culture that is not inclusive or supportive of diversity. This can manifest as exclusionary behavior, microaggressions, or a lack of policies to address discrimination and harassment. There are oftentimes that women are victims of subtle or unintentional microaggressions, including being talked over in meetings and even inappropriate comments or behavior. 

Advice for Women in Technology 

Many of the issues faced by women in technology are ones that need to be addressed at all organizational, societal, governmental, and individual levels of society. Once the existence of these problems are accepted, we all together can work to build a tech industry that is inclusive and empowering for everyone. Let us look at a few strategies that women in technology can use to overcome these challenges on their own or with the support of those around them.

  • Advocate for yourself: As a woman in tech, it is important to learn to articulate your value proposition confidently. Advocate for yourself during performance reviews, salary negotiations, and project assignments - make sure your contributions are acknowledged and rewarded appropriately. In addition, standing up for oneself when facing bias or discrimination is the first step in making change in the workplace. Though it might be difficult, communicating with colleagues and managers about situations that made you feel uncomfortable can help greatly. It is crucial to educate others on discrimination in the workplace in order to work towards a more equitable tech industry. 

  • Build a support system: Seeking out mentors or other women in tech is a great way to begin overcoming obstacles in your career. These individuals can provide advice and guidance as well as empathy and understanding. Once you form these relationships, it is important to maintain them and seek out opportunities to collaborate and better your own skills and ambition in your role.

  • Stay confident in your abilities: It is crucial to believe in yourself and your own capabilities. Knowing your strengths and your worth as a woman working in the tech industry can help those around you extend their support to you as well. Imposter syndrome can be a big challenge for women in tech, but it is important to celebrate your successes and acknowledge your contributions to projects and teams.

  • Join professional communities: Look for and join professional groups and communities that work to support women in tech. Connect with other women in these organizations and participate in events, forums, and discussions where you can share experiences, gain insights, and access resources specific to women in the industry.

It is important to remember that each woman's journey is unique, and navigating challenges may require a combination of these strategies. By staying determined, fostering supportive networks, and being confident in yourself, you can work to overcome challenges and thrive in the dynamic field of technology.

Sedna Consulting Group is proud to work towards our mission to build an inclusive and equitable tech industry. For over 15 years, our company has been providing technical solutions to businesses that align with our values. Please send us a message on LinkedIn or Instagram if you would like to learn more about what Sedna can do for you.



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